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Happy Diwaloween!

I grew up in India, the daughter of a Catholic mother (a believer) and a nominally Hindu father. We took full advantage of our dual-faith household to celebrate both Hindu and Christian festivals with gusto. The queen of the Hindu festivals is Diwali. Diwali is based on the Hindu Lunar […]

A Frugal $10 Weekend

Last Sunday night I was looking over our spending in Mint and noticed that we had spent $10 over the weekend. I did a double take. This is our cheapest weekend ever. Hell, this might be my cheapest weekend even including my pre-baby, pre-husband days. We didn’t plan to have […]

mega backdoor roth

Mega Savings from the Mega Backdoor Roth

We recently discovered that Mr. BITA’s workplace allows us to invest in a mega backdoor roth. Wheeeeeee. Mega what-now? The mega backdoor roth is the secret weapon in the financial independence arsenal. It isn’t that well known, it isn’t available to everyone, and it offers great tax benefits. This article […]

How much does it cost to have a baby?

A little over two years ago Mr. BITA and I decided to commingle our genes. Progeny BITA resulted and thus far we have been exceedingly pleased with the results of our little experiment.   Now that I am no longer perpetually sleep deprived and I am firmly on the path […]

The Indian Stash and my Stomach Ulcer

I worked in India for 8 years before I moved to the land of Motherhood and Apple Pie. These were my money-is-too-boring-to-think-about spendy years, and left to my own devices I would have saved nothing at all. Luckily, two things saved me from my innate spendthrift-i-ness. A friend determined to […]

The path to financial independence: Sept 2016

Adding cash to the financial independence stash During the month of September I often had to tell myself the story of the hare and the tortoise and remind myself that the tortoise did in fact come out ahead. What caused the growth of the stash to be slower than usual […]

Of Leafs And Lattes

When we started on the the path to financial independence, I started to track all our expenses. This was a sobering experience. I then started to obsess about our savings rate and how best to optimize every dollar. Mr. BITA loves his coffee. We have a Nespresso machine at home […]

An immigrant, a mattress and financial independence

This is proving to be a challenging month on the road to financial independence. The first week of the month isn’t quite done yet and we’ve already incurred over $10,000 of expenses. None of the expenses were unexpected (more about that in our monthly numbers update), but that doesn’t really […]

The Plan to FIRE

To achieve financial independence, and possibly retire early, the goal is to have a stash that allows us to withdraw an inflation adjusted $100,000 ($ = USD) a year. The stash will reside in a mix of tax advantaged retirement accounts and a taxable brokerage account. Our asset allocation includes domestic and […]


Bayalis. 42 in Hindi. noun. The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything (for those of you who aren’t die hard Douglas Adams fans, that is a nod to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).   I am a 38 year old dreamer and a software […]