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Financial independence and parenting

Parenting on FIRE

My daughter’s third birthday is looming. I assure her that yes, of course there will be chocolate cake because nobody in their right mind would ever consider a birthday without cake, and I find myself watching her in wonder. It seems like just yesterday that she was a mewling babe […]

The Quirks of Being Middle Class Indian (and how it benefits my wallet)

Regular readers of this blog are aware that I am an immigrant from India. I moved to the U.S. just two months shy of my 30th birthday. At the age of 37 I discovered the twin ideas of financial independence and retiring early (FIRE), and I am plotting to retire […]

What is in your Happiness Portfolio?

As we plod down the path to financial independence and early retirement, we grow more financially savvy every day. We pore over our asset allocations and engage in lengthy debates about things like the value of bonds in the accumulation phase. We keep a stern eye on our expense ratios. […]

Fear versus FIRE

What is it that you fear the most? In the quiet, dark hours of the early morning, when sleep is elusive and the world is quiet, what scary thoughts creep forth from the depths of your soul? I have many small David sized fears (public speaking, cockroaches walking on my […]

Benefits of Credit Card Churning: Airport Lounge Access

That long awaited vacation is finally here. You made it to the airport on time, despite the fact that your toddler insisted that she needed to poop after you had strapped her into her seat (no, it turns out that she did not). You’re feeling the burn from dragging that […]

Commandments of Personal Finance

The 5 Commandments of Personal Finance

At its core succeeding at personal finance and achieving financial independence isn’t rocket surgery. All you have to do is spend less, save more and invest wisely. If you happen to need more information about one or more of these three pillars of personal finance, all you have to do […]


The BackStory of Mrs. BITA: Part 5

Where did we leave off? Ah yes. There I stood, poised to take flight, to migrate across the ocean blue. Mrs. BITA crosses an Ocean With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet, you’re too smart to go down any not-so-good street. And you may not […]


The BackStory of Mrs. BITA: Part 4

When we last parted ways my startup had shut down, and I was making my way back to India, where I no longer had a job. Mrs. BITA moves to Bangalore While my startup was coughing and hacking on its deathbed, in the world of computing a giant and a […]

The BackStory of Mrs. BITA: Part 3

At the end of part 2 I had made it through engineering college, and discovered that I liked and was good at computer science. What would corporate life be like?   Mrs. BITA enters the workforce In our final year of engineering our college invited companies on-site for campus placements. […]

The BackStory of Mrs. BITA: Part 2

We continue where we left off in Part 1, childhood fast becoming a memory, the specter of college looming. Stumbling into my future The Indian education system is big on exams. As students we are beset by tests. There are tests every month, half-yearly tests and ‘final’ exams. I experienced […]