On the path to financial independence: September 2017

The BITAs spent most of September gallivanting around Europe. We visited Lisbon, Amsterdam and Split for a glorious nearly 3 week vacation. We were joined by my sister, brother-in-law and my parents, resulting in an ideal Adult:Toddler ratio of 6:1.   We kicked off our European sojourn in Lisbon, where […]

financial independence progress aug 2017

On the path to financial independence: August 2017

2017 has started to accelerate at a pace that is leaving me breathless. It feels like just yesterday I was standing before you, giving you the lowdown on July. Between now and the end of the year we have a holiday in Europe, a trip to Napa Valley with friends, […]

An Update On Our Churning Portfolio

Churn (verb): agitate or turn (milk or cream) in a machine in order to produce butter. procure credit cards and bank accounts for the express purpose of acquiring points and miles.   In August of 2016 I started down the rabbit hole of credit card churning. As we round the […]

financial independence progress july 2017

On the path to financial independence: July 2017

The BITA household perspired its way through a really warm July. Though sweat trickled down our backs on more than one occasion, our iron resolve did not waver and our thermostat stayed put at a robust 84. I have alluded to our uncomfortable thermostat setting in past posts, but I’ve […]

On the path to financial independence: June 2017

Another month has whooshed by bringing us that much closer to our FIRE date. For those of you trudging through the years of accumulation, wishing that you could make them go by faster, here is my advice to you: have a child. Time has accelerated ever since Toddler BITA has […]

On the path to financial independence: May 2017

May was a tranquil month at the BITA household. For once our possessions did not demand repairs or replacements, nor did our dependents require medical attention to body, mind or tooth. There were no birthdays or anniversaries. A month of financial bliss!   This month we did nearly all our […]

On the path to financial independence: April 2017

Life threw us a curveball or two but on the whole April was a happy month at the BITA household. The weather was fantastic for most of the month and we picnicked outdoors twice. Both times we went to one of our favourite picnic spots, complete with vast green fields, […]

On the path to financial independence: March 2017

March was an eventful month at the BITA household.   My father, who works in Botswana, decided to pay us a surprise visit (my mother had been with us since January). Mr. BITA conspired with him and on the Saturday in question, told me that he was going rock climbing […]

The Mystery of My Medical Bills (I may be a Cyborg)

The birth of Toddler BITA nearly three years ago left me with an umbilical hernia. On the 26th of January my hernia took issue with a section of my intestine and attempted to strangle it to death. This is the story of that ghastly attempted murder, and of the baffling […]

On the path to financial independence feb 2017

On the path to financial independence: February 2017

February started out slow and mellow. I was still recovering from the abdominal surgery that I had in January and I was on sick leave till the 4th of February. I went back to work on the 6th, barely caught up on what I had missed, and then we set […]