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A Plan from 1946 for the Intelligent Spending of Money

A user (/u/nope-nobody-ever) on the /r/financialindependence subreddit recently shared with the group excerpts from his grandmother’s budgeting journal dated 1946. I found what was shared fascinating, and took permission to share the journal with you (thanks again /u/nope-nobody-ever). Join me as we saunter down memory lane and study the budgets […]

guide to HSA

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

The Health Savings Account (HSA) is the darling of the personal finance world. It struts and preens and shows off its triple tax advantages, much to the envy of the far less fancy IRAs and 401ks. The HSA is sexy, and it knows it. Today’s beast of a post, in […]

4 percent rule

Have you ever asked yourself: 4% of What?

The Trinity Study and the 4 percent rule of safe withdrawal form the bedrock of the financial independence and early retirement movement. If we did not believe that there exists some safe withdrawal rate that offers us a high probability of success should we choose to subsist off of the […]

what will you leave behind?

What Will You Leave Behind?

My home country of India has had more than it’s fair share of truly crappy politicians. Corruption is rampant at both the state and national levels. Every politician seems hell bent on outdoing the next in reaching new venal heights. As an example of what I am talking about, I […]

early retirement stay-at-home parent

Am I Really Retiring Early?

As the name of my blog constantly reminds both you and me, I plan to retire on the 1st of January 2021, at the ripe old age of 42. But (cue discordant music) Mr. BITA will not be retiring in January 2021. Is it then fair for me to claim […]

How To Make Money Despite Yourself

A Step-by-Step Guide for the Determinedly Dense   “I just don’t understand numbers”. “I want to invest, but I just don’t know where to begin!” “I don’t want to think about all that stuff!” “Finances are so boring!”   Does this sound like you? If so, today is your lucky […]

On the path to financial independence: April 2017

Life threw us a curveball or two but on the whole April was a happy month at the BITA household. The weather was fantastic for most of the month and we picnicked outdoors twice. Both times we went to one of our favourite picnic spots, complete with vast green fields, […]

The Joneses Can’t Keep Up With Me

Last weekend, on a beautiful California day, the BITA backyard was overrun by a mob of toddlers. We hosted Toddler BITA’s birthday party. Forty guests were invited, fourteen of whom were children. Today I am going to cover how we went about planning this party and, of course, given our […]

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Your Life: Off the Shelf or Made to Order?

Achieving financial independence and freeing yourself from the need to hold down a job is a pretty big goal. For a lot of us it may well be the most ambitious goal we have yet pursued. The stakes are high, the path is challenging, and the rewards are, well, pretty […]

The Position of Fuck You

“Jim Bennett: I’ve been up two and a half million. Frank: What you got on you? Jim Bennett: Nothing. Frank: What you put away? Jim Bennett: Nothing. Frank: You get up two and a half million dollars, any asshole in the world knows what to do: you get a house […]