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Pretirement: A Review

Ever wished that your purse contained a countdown clock to the date you will be financially independent? Ever asked yourself whether making the effort to save an additional $20/month is really worth it? Ever tried to convince a recalcitrant spouse that buying avocado toast twice a week really is going […]

FIRE games

Ten FIRE Games to Pass the Time

When you commit to achieving financial independence, and possibly retiring early, you make a commitment to playing the long game. The journey to FIRE has three phases: The oh-my-god-is-this-real phase of early excitement. The boring middle. The final sprint to the finish line.   Stage one is characterized by near […]

things wont miss corporate life

The Things I Won’t Miss About Corporate Life

I don’t work in the salt mines. Far from it. I do interesting work. I get to solve hard problems. I work with smart people. My company treats me well and pays me handsomely. My wanting to reach financial independence and then quit my 9-5 has less to do with […]

On the path to financial independence: June 2017

Another month has whooshed by bringing us that much closer to our FIRE date. For those of you trudging through the years of accumulation, wishing that you could make them go by faster, here is my advice to you: have a child. Time has accelerated ever since Toddler BITA has […]

Caution: Side-Effects Ahead

When one first starts down the road to achieving financial independence, the goal seems simple enough. To go from this:   to this: as fast as humanly possible. The prescription is simple: earn as much as one possibly can, spend as frugally as one possibly can, and invest the difference […]

You Can’t Fail at FIRE

Attempting to achieve financial independence and/or retire early is an audacious goal. It takes grit. It takes gumption. It takes perseverance. It takes patience. It is an audacious goal, a lofty one, but here is the truly crazy thing about it: You can’t fail at FIRE Seems counterintuitive doesn’t it? […]

late start to financial independence

So You’re Late to the Party

If you are not a raging extrovert you are familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of arriving late to a party. If feels as if everyone turns to look at you and you quail under the weight of so many eyes sizing you up. Everyone is also a few drinks ahead […]

supplemental income tax

Are Your RSUs Messing With Your Taxes?

The BITA household is a simple place as far as taxes are concerned. We are a pair of W-2 employees. We generate no income outside of our jobs. We own one house and we live in it. We receive some interest from our bank accounts, and some dividends from our […]

Immigrants on FIRE: Gorden Lopes

Immigrants on FIRE is an interview series on Bayalis Is The Answer. In this series I chat with first generation immigrants to the United States who are pursuing financial independence and/or early retirement. Immigration requires a certain measure of boldness, and a certain aptitude for adventure. I find the stories […]

pigs get slaughtered

Pigs Get Slaughtered

“Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered” is an old Wall Street saying that has been on my mind lately. Why? Because more than once in the recent past I have found myself thinking in a way that is distinctly porcine and I’ve had to remind myself sternly […]