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What might the AHCA mean for Early Retirement?

The new administration has unveiled the American Health Care Act (AHCA. Really? Was it that hard to come up with a name that abbreviated to something significantly different than ACA? Make America Well Again? Second Time’s A Charm?). AHCA is a proposal for an Obamacare replacement. It has a long […]

What is in your Happiness Portfolio?

As we plod down the path to financial independence and early retirement, we grow more financially savvy every day. We pore over our asset allocations and engage in lengthy debates about things like the value of bonds in the accumulation phase. We keep a stern eye on our expense ratios. […]

On the path to financial independence feb 2017

On the path to financial independence: February 2017

February started out slow and mellow. I was still recovering from the abdominal surgery that I had in January and I was on sick leave till the 4th of February. I went back to work on the 6th, barely caught up on what I had missed, and then we set […]

Fear versus FIRE

What is it that you fear the most? In the quiet, dark hours of the early morning, when sleep is elusive and the world is quiet, what scary thoughts creep forth from the depths of your soul? I have many small David sized fears (public speaking, cockroaches walking on my […]

The marriage tax

Should I Get Divorced?

Mr. BITA and I are both software engineers. We each make a good living and our incomes are nearly equal. We got married in 2013, and at the time of our marriage we were the polar opposites of financial wizards. Financial dimwits. Financial dum-dums. We had money sitting in our […]

Benefits of Credit Card Churning: Airport Lounge Access

That long awaited vacation is finally here. You made it to the airport on time, despite the fact that your toddler insisted that she needed to poop after you had strapped her into her seat (no, it turns out that she did not). You’re feeling the burn from dragging that […]

A Lazy Person’s Guide to Earning and Using Ultimate Rewards Points

This September the BITAs are going to gallivant around Europe. We’ve booked tickets from San Francisco to Lisbon, Lisbon to Amsterdam and Amsterdam back to San Francisco. For a family of three we coughed up the princely sum of $248.58 for these tickets and I’m going to tell you exactly […]

The Complete Backdoor Roth How-to

What is a backdoor Roth? A Roth IRA is a retirement account that is funded using after-tax earned income. You earn $X annually. You pay your taxes on $X, leaving you with $Y. You can take up to $5500 (in 2017. Check the IRS link for the latest limits) out […]

Commandments of Personal Finance

The 5 Commandments of Personal Finance

At its core succeeding at personal finance and achieving financial independence isn’t rocket surgery. All you have to do is spend less, save more and invest wisely. If you happen to need more information about one or more of these three pillars of personal finance, all you have to do […]

On the path to financial independence: January 2017

And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed). – Dr Seuss, Oh the Places You’ll Go   The first month of the year proved to be more exciting than we expected. I had to have emergency surgery because my umbilical hernia (thanks Toddler BITA for […]